2,000 Years ago the three major nations of this world were involved in a great and terrible war. Each land employed powerful wizards whose arcane works combined into a cataclysmic event known as “The Scouring”. Since that time magic as seeped into the very core of the land and blanketed the world in unnatural heat. This has caused a host of magic infused hazards, mutated monsters, and the transmigration of tribes and cultures.

Reeling for the unexpected devastation brought on by “The Scouring” each nation entered into a time of internal strife and chaos, Monarchy’s tumbled, boarders dissolved, and any sense of national unity crumbled.

This is an age of hero’s and villains where law and justice only extends as far as a sword swing. The cities of the world remain but who controls them can change like the wind. Warlords, Churches, Merchant houses, Cults of the Arcane, and Ancient Monsters have emerged to rule this world. The days are bright and the nights are dark and the only constant in this world is when the Sun and Moon meet in the sky to form…the Dark Sun.

Dark Sun (Derek M.)

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