Great Wyrm Blue Dragon. Ruler of Kardis


Lothaenorixius is the lord and master of the trading city of Kardis. He founded the city 1,000 years ago and to this day rules the city with an iron claw. He makes his home in the Sapphire Gate and loves gold, diamonds, and jewels above all else.


The Founding of Kardis

1,000 years ago Lothaenorixius fought with a Great Wyrm Bronze Dragon and killed him in single combat. During the combat a stray line of electricity struck the earth and formed a deep shaft in the rock. While feasting on his defeated foe he suddenly smelled moisture emanating from the rock and went to investigate. Realizing that he had found a large source of water he immediately flew off to to enslave a clan of dwarves to begin construction of a well.

When he arrived at the dwarf clans hold he attempted to polymorph into a dwarf to enter their home through deception but suddenly realized that he couldn’t. As he began to ponder this mystery he suddenly realized who that Bronze dragon was. He was a messenger of “Aaterinian” and by killing his chosen servant had been cursed.

Realizing that there was no way for him to get at the dwarves without the ability to shrink his size he instead decided to negotiate with and subsequently hire the “Sand Stone Clan”. 200 years later the well was built.

Notable Activities
Attacks the city of Zamora during the construction of the “Darkness Latter” and decimates the town. He then enslaves the population putting them to work winning and forging the buckets, gears, chains, and mechanisms of the water latter. He then facilitated the movement of the components and begins a systematic Mul Breading program.

For unknown reasons he attacks the city of Raneesh venting his anger on its unsuspecting population. Because of his unrelenting destruction he is only able to enslave 1/4 of the city population to begin a new Mul breading program.


Lothaenorixius lives in a hollowed out Masa called the Sapphire Gate. It serves as the main customs check point for the city of Kardis and thus all traffic in and out of the city must pass through it. The structure also houses a number of other members of his faction.
- An army of accountants and scribes that tally and record the taxes of the Kardis.
- His children that have not been expelled or eaten.
- The Elite members of the Azul known as the “Akhdhar”.


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